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Teachers of the Year

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Congratulations to the Teachers of The Year at Overall Creek:

2015: Mr. Ben White (K-4th) and Ms. Rebecca Sublett (5th-6th)
2016: Mrs. Jennifer Defere (K-4th) and Mr. Luke Hill (5th-6th)
2017: Mrs. Katie Nanney (K-4th) and Ms. Rebecca Sublett (5th-6th)
2018: Mrs. Mallory Eaton (K-4th) and Mrs. Jessica Snell (5th-6th)
2019: Mrs. Whitley Troutman (K-4th) and Mrs. Erin Nunley (5th-6th)
2020: Mrs. Sara Brown (K-4th) and Mrs. Christy Honey (5th-6th)
2021: Mrs. Melissa Horn (K-4th) and Ms. Lauren Moore (5th-6th)
2022: Anna Mcdonald (K-4th) and Amanda Turnbo (5th-6th)
2023: Catrynia Gannon (K-4th)and Miranda Good (5th-6th)
2024: Elizabeth Owens (K-4th) and Abbey Brown (5th-6th)

District Awards:
2017: Ms. Rebecca Sublett, District Teacher of the Year (5th-6th)