Dowell, Hannelore

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    Hello! My name is Hannelore Dowell. This is my 10th year teaching. I have taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade. This is my first year in fifth grade, and I'm really excited about this new venture.

I hold a BSW ( Bachelor's in Social Work), a MSSW ( Master's in Social Work), and a M.Ed (Master's in Education).

Teaching and learning in general is a passion of mine. I love to see the moment when a child catches on and has a "light bulb" moment when everything starts to click and what is being taught is transferred to what the child is actually learning, not just hearing.

    I've learned over the years that it is vital to teach to the individual child. Each child is special and learns differently. I believe in teaching by using integrated curriculum models in a fun way. I also believe that a deeper level of understanding occurs when you allow the child to have ownership of his/her learning. Many times,this might occur through group/individual projects, discussions, research, presentations, and math tasks. 

    I'm looking forward to the new year!