Morning ESP (PRIDE): 
6:00-6:45: Drive up to the rear of the school doors, stay in the right lane
6:45-7:15: Park in the parking lot at the end of the F-Wing and walk children in. In case of inclement weather an ESP staff member may be at the end to let you in. This is so you do not get "grid-locked" in. Anyone entering the loop after 6:40, enters at their own risk. You will more than likely get blocked in.

Morning Drop Off: Double lanes
Afternoon Pick Up: Double lanes. Please don't forget your child's name card.

Parents Walking Children to Class
If you are walking your children to class in the morning, we ask that you please park in the front parking lot and enter via the front entrance.
PARENTS WANTING TO WALK THEIR CHILDREN TO CLASS MUST BE IN THE OFFICE (with ID) TO SIGN IN PRIOR TO 7:25. Parents will not be allowed to walk to the room after 7:25.

The rear drop-off is closed at 7:30. If arriving at or after 7:30, you will need to park in the front, right lot to WALK your children into the office as they are late. Elementary aged children can not be "dropped" off late to sign themselves in.

Please come and see us if you are interested in attending Overall Creek.
Office hours are 7:30-3:00.

Overall Creek School Day Times: 7:30-2:30